Finding the Right Person: Soul Mate or Life Partner


February is the month of Valentine’s and Love.  One of the most common question I get is when and how am I going to meet my soul mate?  Will I ever meet him or her?

Finding your soul mate

There are a lot of false beliefs about soul mates and a lot of longing to meet one.  Some people think there’s only one person out there for them.  Some think you have to kiss a lot of toads to find the frog that will turn into a prince or princess.  Let’s see what this means on an energetic level.

First, my belief, based on the following evidence, is that there is no one soul mate for each of us.  It’s really about resonance, that is, you are operating on the same frequency with someone else.  I have a few friends that I have this with.  Often, right when we meet, I know that I will become good friends with someone, whether it’s now or years from now.  There’s just that resonance there.

In general, you don’t raise your frequency much over a lifetime, so it leads people to believe that you meet a soul mate and it lasts a lifetime.  In general, this is what happens.

The same frequency will draw you to another person, you can spot it almost immediately.   That look across the room, that amazing conversation, that real connection.

I had two people in my life that were soul mates.   My ex-husband, the children of my father and my current husband.  The 23 years between them had a lot of contacts, a lot of coffee dates, a lot of searching for that amazing connection.  It wasn’t until I did my work that my husband found me.

What does this have to do with you and finding your soul mate?


How to find your soul mate
The best thing you can do to find your soul mate is be the person you want to be with.  When you raise your frequency, you’ll attract someone at a higher frequency.  Remove all your old relationship baggage, which is all the old feelings of anger, guilt, shame, sorrow, outrage, or negatively towards that relationship and that person.  Why?  You are still in a relationship with them and it drags you down.  It’s hard to move forward in joy and love in that condition.

That person you had a relationship with was brought to you so you could learn something from it.   Thanking that person, being grateful, and letting them go in love is really when you are ready to move on.  You came together in love, parting in love is the best way to move forward.

When I did all that clearing, my husband magically appeared.  My state of mind when he appeared was that my life was awesome the way it is, that I didn’t need anyone in my life to make me happy and complete me.  Isn’t that ironic?

So, for me, a soul mate is someone you resonate with, there isn’t just one, and every relationship enriches you, including the bad ones.  For me, being the person I want to attract is important, being happy and complete.  As soon as I stopped looking, I meet him and got married at 61 years old again.

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