12 Tips on How to Find the Best Energy Healer for YOU

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In this video, you’ll hear twelve tips or considerations for finding the right energy healer for you. Energy healers all have different skills, skill levels and offerings whether they are distance healing, hands on healing (or massage, acupuncture, cranial-sacral therapy, touch for health, etc).

Most important is that you should be comfortable with them and trust them. Listen in as you hear twelve practical tips and a guide for choosing the right energy healer for you. The time line for this video is below.

Time Line:

0:24 Tip 1. Trust and Rapport – Use your intuition for this, if you feel off about anything, go elsewhere.  You are unique and so is the healer.  Not everyone will resonate with each other.
0:53 Tip 2. References/Testimonials – Make sure it’s not just a touchy feely one, but one that gives you a concrete idea what the before and after the healer looks like.
1:48 Unsolicited readings are a violation.  Just a cautionary tip.
2:53 Tip 3. Work with your chosen medical care.  If anyone creates resistance to you seeing your doctor.
4:26 Tip 4. Should be gentle NOT pushy or aggressive.  Hear the story here.  You should feel invited and welcomed, not coerced.
4:39 Tip 5. Do they represent themselves well?  Kind of like the fat diet doctor or the smoking heart specialist.
5:49 Tip 6. Have they done this kind of healing before?  Ask important questions.  No to this question is a sign that they have integrity.
6:55 Tip 7. Is there follow up?  Very important to check.  It’s 90 days to re-route energy (at a minimum.)
7:50 Tip 8. Make sure the energy work is clean.  You can ask what they do between sessions and how they start and end.
8:41 Tip 9. Ask questions, training or licensing if required for certain trades.  Most states do not require licensing for energy work but they do in certain crafts.  I personally would like this to change and am working on it.
9:12 Tip 10. Feeling pressured to continue?  Once you are satisfied with the results, there should only be follow up and not a continuation unless you decide to do so.  I have follow up and maintenance programs that are very inexpensive or free.  Ask your potential healer.
12:00 Tip 11. Can you understand what your potential healer is saying?  Are you confused by their language.  It should be absolutely clear to what the processes are and why.
13:20 Tip 12. Make your desired outcome very clear.
15:46 Brief summary  which includes trust and rapport, qualifications, and clarity on both sides – what you want and how it’s going to happen.

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