Reprogram Your DNA to Support Your Health – Use Epigenetics to Improve


You can reprogram your DNA in a number of ways to alleviate any issue you think you may have inherited, such as fat genes, cancer genes, or depression genes. You can prevail over any issue you have inherited from others. The time line of this video is below.

You will see how consistent positive actions to move into the direction of where you want your life and health to go will change your gene expression for the better.  No one is stuck and your destiny is in your hands.

Basically your beliefs and your behaviors affect your genetic programming or epigenetics more profoundly than has been previously believed. The question of nurture versus nature is now being put to rest. In this broadcast, you will discover steps you can take to help program your DNA to improve your health, vitality, and energy.

Learn more about The Biology of Belief  By Dr. Bruce Lipton to help you understand how epigenetics is affected by your beliefs

Fast Track Your Epigenetics

You can also program your DNA energetically, the fast track to doing it via behavioral changes. When you do both, you cement in your new health and vitality changes for the better.

To discover more about the ways to program your DNA energetically, check out my certification program at and then schedule an appointment with me at or contact me at

0:59 Where is DNA in your body?
1:48 What does DNA look like?
5:09 How you interpret an event can change your DNA
6:07 Consistent positive actions alters DNA for the better.
7:27 Consistent positive behavior lengthens telomeres
10:51 Steps to take to lengthen telomeres
13:00 Why exercise is important
14:01 Mood should improve by eliminating certain foods.
15:06 Brief summary of how you can change your DNA with behavior
15:25 Fast tracking DNA changes via energy healing
17:46 Beliefs can alter your DNA





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