After reading this mornings news about garlic, I asked myself the question: does garlic lower cholesterol or doesn’t it? So, rather than take the word of a newspaper, I went straight to the scholarly articles to find out what researchers came up with. The newspaper claimed that 14 of the 17 studies on garlic failed
to produce evidence that garlic affects cholesterol levels.

Other medicinal properties of garlic include it being shown to be a natural antibiotic and a strong antioxidant. In cultures where garlic is eaten regularly (as fresh garlic not powder or pills), incidences of cancers are much lower, particularly stomach/intestinal cancers. It also seems to prevent accumulation of arterial plaque as well.

But does it reduce cholesterol as believed?

In looking up scholarly articles, I just chose the first ten that google came up with and read through each one: the result? Eight out of the ten studies came out with a positive result. That serum cholesterol levels were reduced. In the two that showed no result, garlic wasn’t used, rather garlic extract or oil, with allicin levels (the supposedly active agent in garlic) standardized.

It is believed to ward off evil spirits, lower cholesterol and prevent heart attacks and blood clots. The phytochemicals in garlic are believed to be protective against stomach cancer and colorectal cancers. Garlic is one of the top-selling herbal

Bangor Daily News

In answer to the question,” does garlic lower cholesterol or doesn’t it?,” the evidence shows it probably does. But don’t depend on it as your main method of lowering cholesterol. If you enjoy eating it, then use fresh garlic rather than dried, oil, or other extract. What is definitely recognized is that food extracts are not nearly as powerful as the food itself. That there are other nutrients that have a synergistic effect with other compounds in the food that are needed for absorption and to produce the action necessary for healing.

There are a huge number of foods that lower cholesterol, showing that in general, a varied healthy and natural diet will promote healthy cholesterol levels while a processed food diet will not. And new studies add foods to the list every day.

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