Different Ways to Meditate For Improving Your Mental, Emotional, and Physical Health

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Meditation has grown in popularity lately.  Your physiology has a natural intelligence heal, repair and restore balance.  But it does that only in deep states of rest.  Scientific evidence is now plentiful on the way meditation calms the brain and rewires it, drops blood pressure, improves mental focus and productivity, to name a few benefits.

Most of the very successful business owners, multi-millionaires, and happy productive people have a spiritual practice which includes meditation.  It is a way to release the irrelevant and harmful to bring in the true self into focus.  It is the fastest way to move into a state of being internally driven or centered rather than listening to the messages all around you.

Meditation is not always meditation.  People do it in different ways.  Basically it is a way to get the mind still and focused into the here and now, clearing away the streams of thought that interfere with the intuitive or connection to your subconscious.

To get to a meditative state, you only need occupy your mind with three inputs to settle it, like staring at an image, candle or imagine yourself in a beautiful place, focus on breathing, and chanting or mindful listening to calming music, especially if the music is adjusted to healing frequencies.

You don’t always need to meditate by sitting still for a long time, although useful, it’s something that I personally find very difficult to do.  Let’s dive into some of the other ways you could do meditation with similar benefits.

Meditation brings you to a trance state, an altered state of consciousness, a little like that between being awake and being asleep.  In fact, while dropping off to or while climbing out of sleep are when many people get their biggest insights or best ideas.  Times that you might achieve this state other than sitting still could include the following:

1.   Driving with no music, especially long distances on the freeway, can bring you to that altered state.  I drove from Los Angeles to Phoenix, a nearly six hour drive, but it felt like ten or 15 minutes.  I was so focused in my altered state on other things, with new flashes of insight, new ideas or solving an issue of one kind or another.  I started with deep breathing and focusing on the path in front of me.

2.  Running or walking in solitude, or being on an elliptical or other aerobic machine while focusing on the surroundings, on your breath, on your steps, and letting your eyes focus different objects, such as trees or flowers, can bring you into trance pretty quickly.  This is another way to meditate and it has given me many hours of pleasure.  I get plenty of insights and ideas this way.

3.  Guided meditation– there are so many different styles and different purposes to meditation, and there are just as many ways to bring you into trance.  These guided meditations help provide you with a visualization that brings you into an altered state.

4.  Journaling – Sitting still and taking some deep slow breaths into your belly with your spine straight, about a minute or two.  Then take out a pen and journal and start writing (not typing) whatever is on your mind.  Often this process helps you tap into your subconscious and release you from looping thoughts and bring you fresh ideas and your deepest desires.

Useful exercises would be dialoging with yourself, such as asking a question, such as who or what am I speaking to.  Let your pen answer.  Good questions: what is mine to know?  What is the best next step to take?  If money were no object, what would I be doing today?  What are you trying to tell me?

Your body holds stress.  Your body absorbs everything around you, your daily activities, your encounters, all the information around you.   Give your body relief and  a good replenishment by adding some form of meditation into your life every day.

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