Are you living in a fog of deception? Open up to your true self with real truth and integrity

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April is a time of rebirth. The flowers are in explosive bloom after a winter of laying dormant. It’s time to move from your inner space to your outer world in the same way.

This is about exploring how you move from your inner world to the world around you, but it’s through communication.  The way you communicate and the words you use can either improve your relationship with yourself and others or destroy them.

Individual words have energy.  Feel the difference between “pretty” and “not ugly”.  

Today, let’s explore how this makes a huge difference in your life and how the world perceives and experiences your inner world.  It will make a huge difference in your relationships and/or your business.  After all, business is about relationships not products especially if you are providing valuable services.

what do they hear when you speak

What are people hearing when you speak?

Few people pay attention or care what words they use, they’ll even look up in a thesaurus to keep it interesting. Specific expressions can have a huge impact on your life.  In fact, so many of us run around repeating things we’ve heard without paying attention to what they’re really saying.

I was astonished when I met my former mother in law the first time.  The whole family sat down to a steaming hot delicious meal that she spent the afternoon cooking.  I took one bite and the riot of flavors and spices played happy in my mouth.

I was about to comment when my brother in law says, “not bad,” as if it were a compliment.  Really?  That’s all he had to say.  I asked my husband what the meaning of that was.  He said, it was high praise coming from his brother.  Do you feel your eyebrows going up?  Mine did.

Let’s communiate with integrity!

While outright lying is harmful and for the most part, people aren’t lying all day long, at least on purpose.  There are a lot of things that we think, do, and even believe that aren’t true.  It brings your energy down and puts you in a fog of a false reality.

There are a lot of messages that we hear all the time that influence our behavior and feelings about ourselves that bring us down.  For example, you get them in TV commercials, billboards, online, doctors, parents, teachers and even friends that repeat the non-truths over and over again until you accept them at some level as true.  They often leave you in feelings of pain and inadequacy.

Commercials tell you you aren’t enough all day long: not blonde enough, not lean enough, not pretty or handsome enough, don’t smell good enough, don’t have enough money, don’t drive a beautiful enough car or don’t have the best clothes, jewelry, house, or the best school.

None of that is true.  You are then making decisions based on things that are coming at you all day long rather than the internal truth your inner self know to be true.

When you speak to others, it’s important to be cognizant that words have energy, yes, individual words.  Whether you are chatting or marketing a message, choose judiciously.  There are marketers that use the f-bomb all the time.  They use it to convey passion and anger.  They are attracting angry people with it.  It vibrates at a very low energy, on a scale of one to 1000 (an emotional scale), it vibrated between 50 and 100, while scatalogical words vibrate at about double that.

Think about that, these words are vibrating on the emotional level of shame, guild, sorrow, anger, rage, jealousy and depression.  Seriously.

Say these words to yourself:

Miracle, joy, love, beautiful, handsome, genius, happy, positive, upbeat, healer, white, pure.  Say them out loud.  Do you feel uplifted.  Isn’t that the way you want others to feel around you, to come into your sphere if you are in business.

When you label or brand yourself for advertising, be sure to think about what you want to attract and choose.

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There are ways to release the fog from messages you hear all day long, such as cutting cords and grounding, standby tools for clearing energy you don’t want.  There are also some really great imagery exercises, such as imagining you’re walking up a mountain trail or over looking the ocean and it’s just you and the world.  No one else is there, nothing else matters, it’s just you and your higher power.  What are you hearing now?

I’ve prepared a mini guide for protecting yourself from others, which includes their messages and lower energy.  It’s free, you can download it here.





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