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Phys 216, Autumn 2003
Time and Change

Class Notes

Week 1 Geometry Review
Exponents and Log Plot Primer
Time and Seasons Lecture from March 31, Powerpoint
Moon Facts and Fun
Java Script on Moon Phases
Eclipse shadow across the face of the Earth as seen from space (you can drag the cursor to see it slowly)
Lunar phases, cycles through Phases of the Moon over one synodic period, starting and ending with the new moon. Note that the size of the Moon changes slightly, due to its elliptical orbit around the Earth. (492 KB; courtesy NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day)

Week 2
Solar system motion, relative movement of planets
Movie showing Ptolemaic model of Venus (for producing phases)
Movie showing Copernican views of Venus and its phases

Galileo's first observations of Jupiter with a "Galilean" Telescope

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5
Fun Doppler Effect Page and Picture of Plane going Supersonic

Interactive Doppler Demo

BBC Story on the Mercury Traverse Across Sun
SOHO Pictures of Mercury Transit (great pictures and films)

Week 6
Week 7
On line demos of wave interference: click on Physlets and Click start on each problem to get them going
Relativity Tests, lecture from May 19
Explains Doppler shifts in non math terms, from previous quarter
Simple description of interference as gone over in lecture on May 19, addendum to what's in book

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10


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