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Phys 214, Autumn 2004
Light and Color

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Instructor: Anastasia Chopelas
Office: B436

Office Hours: Wednesday 1:30 to 3:30 in B436 or by appointment
e-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 543-9586
Home Page:

TAs: Michiel Zuidweg (email: michielzuidweg at and Yeechi Chen (email: yeechi at

Class Meeting Times and Location:
MTWThF 12:30 - 13:20 in PAA A114


Please check this board for the latest announcments, the home page will have the most current and accurate information. There are many pages to change and I might miss something. Please write to verify anything and question discrepancies if they should arise.

Please turn in filter packages for credit (you will be docked without turning in).

Quarter Project Topic List and Ground Rules. Proposals are Due on November 17.

Projects are Due December 6th.

Some Practice questions for the Second Midterm
Review terms for 2nd midterm


Extra credit possibilities and suggestions:
1. extend your project to broader or larger scope.
2. Write a paper on an approved topic.
3. Attend the makeup workshop.
4. Stump the professor (provide a succinctly worded problem or question, you must also know the answer or have looked it up).
5. Make electronic or well-drawn figures from the text to replace them in an online version of the notes.
6. Go to a related lecture or seminar on one of the topics in the class (see the home pages of the science departments for these). Write a short synopsis of what you learned.

There is no final during finals week for this class.

Most important things to know: 1) You will not need substantial math skills in this class nor to have taken any physics whatsoever. Some geometry is helpful, some minimalistic algebra is helpful. The math will be reviewed on the first and second day of class.
2) Class participation is part of the grade. It consists of showing up and listening, asking questions orally and on paper, turning in lecture assignments, going to discussion sections, lab, in general being engaged in the course. Oral discussion is part of the grade, but may be substituted by a project if you are not inclined or
3) There are 4 lab assignments and approximately 10 homework assignments. They will count 20% of your grade. Failure to complete 75% of the work reduces your grade to a zero. You should be able to make them all. With extenuating circumstances, there are a large number of ways to make up work. Please see me about that.
4) There are two midterms. They will count about 40% of your grade. The second midterm is not particularly cumulative and will be given the last week of class.
5) There is a term project (or projects if you wish to do some extra credit work). This will be discussed in class and further information given online. It will count about 25 to 30% of your grade.

Please see the syllabus for details on grading policies.

Please refer to the class schedule for the reading material and assignments for each lecture. The labs will be linked to this page as well.

Please refer to the assignment page for weekly homework.

The text will be material from the Odegard Copy center, it contains most of the reading and most of the homework assignments. There will be texts on reserve at Odegaard for those wishing further reference material than provided on this website and in the course packet. References will be made to them in the notes page (as well as links to extra readings).

Further readings are available at Odegaard Reserves. I will cite relevant pages in theseto extra readings that will supplement the chapters in the course pack (to be found on the NOTES).

The books are :

Color, an Introduction to Practice and Principles, /Kuehni, Rolf
Odegaard Reserve --ND1488 .K82 1997

Color, essence and logic / Rolf G. Kuehni
Odegaard Reserve  - - ND1488 .K83 1983

Light Science : Physics and the Visual Arts / Thomas D. Rossing, Christopher Chiaverina
Odegaard Reserve -- QC358 .R68 1999

Physics / PSSC ; Uri Haber-Schaim, John H. Dodge, James A. Walter (This has some good pages on the wave nature of light.)
Odegaard Reserve -- QC23 .P57 1981 

Rainbows, Halos, and Glories / Robert Greenler (A fabulous book with many beautiful pictures and accessible explanations of many atmospheric color phenomena.)
Odegaard Reserve -- QC975.2 .G73

Seeing theLlight : Optics in Nature, Photography, Color, Vision, and Holography (A very complete book has nice explanations of some optical instruments.)
David S. Falk, Dieter R. Brill, David G. Stork
Odegaard Reserve -- QC353 .F36 1986b 


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