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Phys 116, Winter 2003
Non-Calculus Physics, 3rd Q

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Midterm rules: One notebook-sized sheet (ONE SIDE) of notes and equations of your own choosing hand written or typed by you (no xerox copies), calculators, pencils, pens okay. Calculators will not be shared during test. If you forget one or your battery dies or something like that, one will be provided in class.  Closed book.
Sample exam cover page

First Midterm on January 23rd
Covering Chapters 11,12 and 22

Second Midterm on Feb 13th
Covering Chapters 23, 24 and supplementary material

Third Midterm tenatively on March 6th
Covering Chapters 25, 27, 28: Sections 1-5

Exam I results: Average is 75. High 99, low 31. If I had to distribute grades now based on this test, I would do the following:
75 = 2.8, grade on test = (your score - 75)* (1.2/18) + 2.8.
93 and above is 4.0, 7 students
78 = 3.0, 29 students
63 = 2.0, 31 students
48 = 1.0, 9 students, 3 were between 0.7 and 1.0 and 2 were below 0.7.

If you scored below 50 on this test, it is strongly recommended you come to see me to work out a strategy for you to succeed in this class.
If your grades on the next two exams dramatically improve, this one will be dropped. Attendance, office hour visits, and homework do go a long way to boost grades.

If you have a question or wish to have your test regraded, please resubmit them to me and I will look them over. The partial credit was standardized according to my instructions. The graders are very expreienced and I spot checked their work, but they may still not have seen an obscure reference to the right answer.
The exams are ready for pick up and if you didn't get them in class on Tuesday, I will have them in my office.

Exam 1 solutions.

Exam 2 Solutions

Final exam: Thursday, March 20, 2003, 8:30 to 10:20a am.


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