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Phys 115, Summer 2002
Non-Calculus Physics, 2nd Q


Instructor: Chopelas
Office: C529
Office Hours: 

e-mail: [email protected]    
Phones: 543-9586

Class Meeting Time and Location:
FAA A102, MTWTh 9:40 to 10:40 a

Course Description

Basic principles of physics presented without use of college-level mathematics. Suitable for students majoring in technically oriented fields other than engineering or the physical sciences. Fluids, thermodynamics and electricity/magnetism. Prerequisite: PHYS 114 or 121; recommended: concurrent registration in PHYS 118.

The course will cover all or parts of Chapters 10, 13-21.  Much of this material appears on many of the preprofessional tests.



Grading Policy

 There will be three midterms, web homework sets nearly every week, and one final.  There are no make up tests.   The midterms will consist of a mixture of multiple choice and work out problems.  Multiple choice will be from 1/3 to half the test and problems to be set up and worked out the balance.  Partial credit will be possible on the workout problems.  I am not in the habit of dropping a midterm but will consider it on a case by case basis. All midterms will be retained for the final grade. Class attendance and participation will be encouraged and up to 0.2 of a grade point (a 5% increase) extra credit will be given for those in attendance during spot checks during the quarter. Sign in sheets will be at the back of the class on randomly chosen days.   Note that the homework is a good portion of the grade. If more than half the points are not achieved on the tycho homework sets, the highest grade possible is 3.4. The homework will be challenging for some of you and should be started earlier than the day it is due. The grading will be as follows:

Homework 15%
Midterms 45% 
Final 40%

Grading will be done on a curve, more or less. I am not averse to giving a lot of high grades (or a lot of low ones) if a certain level of proficiency has been (or has not been) achieved. For that reason, midterms are set to be challenging but will cover only material covered in class and the homework.
Students caught cheating will have their grade on that exam reduced to a zero.   

Part of your grade will be at least one visit to office hours or my office.


Required Texts:

 Giancoli, Physics 5th Edition, Prentice Hall, 1998
*Giancoli, Physics 5th Edition Study Guide, Prentice Hall, 1998

Chapter 10 will be covered the first week and 13 the second.

*recommended, particularly to those that are weak in trigonometry and alegebra skills.



Other Items
 Other recommended problems will be assigned for practice. Learning physics can't be done just by listening to lectures or reading just like bicycle riding or swimming, one needs to actually practice.  The more practice, the more successful one tends to be in courses such as physics.  The exams will be based out of these, review session problems, and the homework problems.  Answers to the extra problems will be availabe on line as everything else needed for success in this course. Practice questions from review sessions will be available on the class website about one week before each exam. Solutions will be given in class or review sessions only.



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