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Phys 115, Summer 2002
Non-Calculus Physics, 2nd Q

Exams & Tests

Midterm rules: One notebook-sized sheet of notes and equations of your own choosing hand written or typed by you (no xerox copies), calculators, pencils, pens okay. Calculators will not be shared during test. If you forget one, one will be provided in class.  Closed book.

Sample exam cover page
Midterm 2 to cover Chapters 14-16 on July 30th

Midterm 3 to cover Chapters 17-20 on August 14th

Curve for midterm 1: Average 62 = 2.8
Numerical grade = 2.8 + (x - 62)*0.05, where x is your midterm score.
Solutions to midterm 1
For exam 2, Average was 68. Grade = 2.9 + (x - 68)*(1.1/20), where x is your midterm score.
Solutions to Midterm 2

Solutions to Midterm 3

For any of the tests, let the lectures be your guide to what is important.

You may bring in two sides of a sheet rather than one. The final is cumulative. Chapter 21 will be weighted slightly more than the other chapters.

Final exam: Thursday, August 22, 2002


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