Mineral Physics

Instructor: J. Michael Brown & Anastasia Chopelas
Office: 222 ATG & 243 Johnson
Phone: 616-6058 & 543-9586
email: brown at ess & chopelas at u
Webpage: http://faculty.washington.edu/chopelas
Office Hours: TBD

Lecture time and location: TuTh 12:30 - 1:50pm

Textbook: Poirier, JP, Introduction to the Physics of the Earth's Interior, 2nd Edition, Cambridge. Bookstore at hardback price, Amazon at softcover.

Announcements: There will be weekly homework sets that will emphasize computational mineral physics so the student will gain an understanding and perspective on what constraints we can place on Earth models based on the physics of minerals.





FINAL EXAM: There will be no traditional final exam. There will be an oral session of questions.