Links, clarifications, and addenda
Week 1

Simple Structures Visualization and Animation
Polyhedral Visuals for Olivine and Garnet
Comparison of Graphite and Diamond Structure Animation
Explanation of Various Mineral Phase Diagrams

Week 2

Pyroxenes, Tourmalines, Garnets Plus movies of structures
Beryls plus Movie of structure
Sheet silicates information
Sheet silicates with animation of structure
Color in Minerals

Week 3 Good mineral website for all minerals
Week 4

Great description on Stereographic Projections
Directory of mineral structure movies, allows 3 d rotation

Week 5 Methodical procedure for mineral identification
Review questions for midterm
Stereonet Java Applet
Sulfur structure
Week 6  
Week 7  
Week 8  
Week 9  
Week 10