Gems and Minerals

Instructor: Anastasia Chopelas
Office: 243 Johnson
Phone: 543-9586
email: chopelas at u
Office Hours: TBD

TA: Beth Mahrt, Johnson 323

Lecture time and location: TuTh 1:30 - 2:20pm In JHN 075
Laboratory in Johnson 127 at:

  1. Tu 2:30p - 3:20p
  2. Th 2:30p - 3:20p
  3. Fr  1:30p - 2:20p

Schumann, W. Gemstones of the World, expanded and revised edition, and the National Audobon Society Field Guid to North American Rocks and Minerals (by C. W. Chesterman).

Please purchase a jeweler's loupe, which you should be able to pick up at the Science and More store at Roosevelt and 65th or at the bookstore. This will be used in the lab sessions to look at details in gems and minerals.

Course Content: The lectures will begin with an introduction to the nature of minerals: their composition, structure, physical properties, and origins, with emphasis on gem minerals. Subsequent lectures will proceed systematically through the minerals on the basis of composition and structure, and will address topics of particular interests in gemology, such as the mechanisms of color, history and lore of gems, and the conventional and unconventional uses of gems.

Labs: No labs the first week of classes.

Announcements: There will be one lecture midterm and the final. There are lab quizzes that will be done online with "moodle", the department's online homework/exam system.

Make up Labs: If you need to make up labs that you missed, you may ask to come to another lab session and we will put out the trays of minerals for you to identify. The sheets may be turned into one of us (Ana, Beth, or Matthew).

Burke Museum Field trip: Sign up sheet will be passed around in class on May 9th. Days are Thursday, the 11th, at 12:30, Friday, the 12th, at 2:30, Tuesday, the 16th at 11:30, and Tuesday, the 16th at 3:30. If none of those work, please let me know asap.






FINAL EXAM: There will be no final during finals week,

Instead there will be a second midterm on June 1.