Courses Taught

2000 (Fall Semester), Phys 483/683 Solid State Physics; Text, Kittel, Solid State Physics; 3 semester hours lecture per week /upper division-graduate level course

2001 (Spring Semester), Phys 155 algebra based physics; newtonian mechanics. Text: Cutnell and Johnson

2001 (Fall Semester), Honors 230, World View of Science (for humanities majors) 3 semester hours lecture and 2 hours lab, Text: Great Ideas in Physics, Alan Lightman

2002, 2003, 2004 (Winter Quarter) and 2002 Spring Quarter, Physics 116, Optics and Quantum mechanics, algebra based. Text: Giancoli

2002 (Summer Quarter) Physic 115, Thermodynamics and E and M, algebra based, Text, Giancoli

2002, 2004, (Fall Quarter) Physics 214, Light and Color for humanities majors, 5 Quarter hours per week, including lab and discussion, Text: self produced plus from previous profs.

2003, 2004, 2005 (Spring Quarter) Physics 216, Time and Change for humanities majors, 5 Quarter hours per week, including lab and discussion, excerps from Abell’s Astronomy and Lightman’s Great Ideas in Physics

2004 Winter, 2005 Spring and Summer, Physics 123, Optics and Quantum Mechanics – calculus based, Text, Giancoli or Knight

2006 Winter, ESS 212, Mineralogy and Petrology, Mineralogy for Earth Science Majors, Text: Nesse’s Mineralogy

2006 Spring, ESS 103, Gems and Minerals, Mineralogy for non-science majors, Texts: Schumann, W. Gemstones of the World, and the National Audobon Society Field Guid to North American Rocks and Minerals

2006 Fall, ESS 551, Advanced Mineral Physics, Text: notes plus Poirier’s Mineral Physics. Graduate student course, included many topics from solid state physics and geophysics.