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Change your energy, change your life

Live your life to its highest potential!

YOU have the Power to Skyrocket Your Results!

Most people live their lives stuck in the status quo. They believe their current state of physical, emotional and financial health is either beyond their control or dependent on external situations or people changing. This belief is FALSE!

The truth is YOU have the power to rapidly shift and reprogram these false and unhealthy beliefs and attract healthy relationships, well-being and abundance. You will be on your way to reaching your highest potential. All you have to do is learn how!

Join Master Healer Anastasia Chopelas in the Diamond Enriched Life Program – a powerful 8-week live course where you’ll discover how to cultivate connected and loving relationships,  skyrocket your physical health and energy, manifest more financial abundance and ignite limitless bliss and well-being.  Best of all, anyone can learn these techniques and the transformation is permanent!
Lisa Greenfield

“There a clarity, breadth and understanding in Anastasia’s work that lends itself to immediate results and continuous ongoing improvements. I give her my highest recommendation.” Lisa Greenfield, Intuitive and Palm Reader

The Diamond Enriched Life Program is 7 weeks of live lessons with healing over the phone (approximately 8 hours) with Anastasia  plus short daily practices and readings, includes the book “The Diamond Healing Method: Get Healthy No Matter What Your Doctor Says.”  This program consists of 5 modules:

  •  Prosperity Assessment ($897 value): An introduction to basic energy management, you have your old weighty baggage cleared and learn how to maintain your new found lightness. Includes an 8-point energetic assessment of your current prosperity.
  • Youthful Energetic Life ($897 value): Learn to reset all systems in your body to a younger, healthier version. Discover how to eliminate pain and skyrocket your energy.
  • Euphoric Bliss ($897 value): Learn to reset negative emotions to positive ones, erase negative patterns from your DNA and live in a natural state of joy.
  • Connected Contented Relationships (priceless!): Discover how to cast off old relationship baggage, finish unfinished business and manifest new and healthy relationships.
  • Money Attraction ($1997 value): Learn to remove genetic and past belief systems about money that no longer serve you. Discover how to reset your DNA from scarcity to abundance.

“Anastasia is THE MOST AMAZING INTUITIVE ENERGY HEALER I’ve ever met! Truly not of this world. Fascinating, extremely accurate & instantly uplifting, I promise– you will never feel the same again! Unblock, Clear & Attract —Go See Her!!” Cindy Goldenberg, TV Personality, Medium, Stalked by a Ghost

Sign-up for the Diamond Enriched Life Program today and receive these Bonus Modules:

  • Bonus 1 – Restful Nights ($597 value): Learn to sleep soundly without medication and wake up feeling alert and stress-free.  Includes a powerful relaxation audio recording.
  • Bonus 2 – Look Sexier, Feel Confident ($1895 value): Discover how to lose 5 – 10 pounds in 12 weeks effortlessly. You’ll feel more energy and vibrancy while eating less!
  • Bonus 3 – Enriched Life Hotline & Community (priceless!): Get personalized help and answers to your burning questions. Meet an awesome community of like-minded individuals
  • Bonus 4 (available in option 1 only) – One-on-One Enrichment Session ($997 value): Get confidential, personalized help with a tailor-made program addressing what you need to succeed!

sarahnehamen“Anastasia is incredible. She is a truly gifted healer with a unique approach that is grounded in clear scientific facts that are easy for anyone to understand. Since my session with her, my mind has been clear and I have felt a breath of new possibilities enter my life. I look forward to working with her again and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for clarity or restoration on any level.”
Sarah Nehamen,

Option 1 Live TeleClasses full pay.  The Diamond Enriched Life Program contains $8,177 worth of life-changing information and actionable techniques.  Sign-up today for the introductory tuition of  $1297!  $997!  Enroll today and unlock your potential!  

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Option 2: 3 installments.  Instead of an upfront cost, you may invest in three monthly installments of $350. 

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