Continued Learning Stimulates Improves Cognitive Function Improving Dementia


New research shows that “learning therapy” improves brain functioning in the elderly, and thus, dramatically improving their quality of life. As we age, the “working memory” declines, decreasing our brain functions. The learning therapy reverses this effect by expanding the “working memory”, which enhances the ability to reason quickly and think abstractly.

While many say that games and crossword puzzles help, it is clear that this therapy is superior as it lays down new neural pathways. The most astonishing thing about this therapy is the long term effects: retention of cognitive function for years afterwards AND that it extends to other areas in the brain that weren’t trained by this therapy.

The therapy consisted of reading aloud and arithmetic. I personally wonder what they would do with someone who understands advanced mathematics, like calculus or linear algebra.

“We believe that intensive, adaptive working memory training can improve general prefrontal cognitive function encompassing general intelligence and creativity,” commented Dr. Kawashima. Finally, in both studies, beneficial changes were seen among the …

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The research trials were conducted on only small groups. The intent is to expand them further. The most fantastic thing about this therapy is that there are NO side effects, no drugs to worry about, and everyone improves their quality of life. That’s hard to beat!





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