Joyce Rosenblad, The Sacred Stylist

“I have first-hand experience with Anastasia’s amazing healing work! She removed an old emotional attachment that was holding me back in many ways and also helped diminish/manage my chronic migraines. I then met my soul mate and just got married.  You could say she healed my heart.  She is the real deal!”

Suzy Prudden, Itty Bitty Publishing

Suzy PruddenHoly #!*&!  I don’t know what you did yesterday but whatever you did, I have not felt this fantastic in too many years. I’m like Me again. But really ME! The ME I so loved being – the excited, energetic, happy, mindful, outrageous, Sexy ME! Thank you!” 

Elaine Starling, Founder – Why 5% Succeed

Elaine Starling“When I met Anastasia, she gave me one simple tip. It’s totally transformed my life already. I’ve been doing this one little exercise for just 24 hours, twice. The ideas that are now accessible to me are unbelievable. It really opened me up. I can’t wait to work with Anastasia. She’s fabulous. You have GOT to check her out.”

David Keeton, General Contractor

davidkeeton“Within a few minutes of speaking to Anastasia on the phone, my hands began to tingle. The stiffness from arthritis vanished and I can move my hands again. She also cleared my sinuses and lungs. I can’t believe she did this over the phone! She’s on my speed dial now.”

Ellen R., Canejo Valley

“I would recommend Anastasia to anyone who is interested to begin their personal healing process. I found her to be caring and very knowledgeable. After my visit with her I felt more serene and focused, lost my sugar cravings. I noticed increased motivation regarding tasks and projects that needed to be addressed in my life. Her meditation tape is outstanding. I feel that I am now able to do what it takes to accomplish all that I am setting out to do.”

Amanda Kent, Financial Advisor

amandakent“The first time I spoke  to Anastasia on the phone, my hands began tingling.  After that half-hour consultation, I got off the phone and my energy levels climbed so much. For many years, I have suffered from fatigue and needed to sleep long hours.  I have tried everything and everyone.  In the weeks after our session, I haven’t needed to sleep as much and I have had so much more energy than I’ve felt in years.  Later, she helped alleviate an auto-immune condition I’ve had for 40 years that no doctor has been able to reverse!” 

Eiji Morishita, Founder of Movement Makers

Dr. Anastasia Chopelas is the person I recommend to all my colleagues who need healing and traditional medicine or practices have failed. Her message needs to be heard. Anastasia has been my healer and I’ve noticed my energy and vitality significantly increase.

Lisa Greenfield, Truth in Hand

Lisa Greenfield“There a clarity, breadth and understanding in Anastasia’s work that lends itself to immediate results and continuous ongoing improvements. She cleared my stubborn lung congestion when no one else could. I give her my highest recommendation.”

Cindy Goldenberg, Medium and TV Personality

cindygoldenberg“Anastasia is THE MOST AMAZING INTUITIVE ENERGY HEALER I’ve ever met! She helped me when no one else could. Truly not of this world. Fascinating, extremely accurate & instantly uplifting, I promise– you will never feel the same again! Unblock, Clear & Attract —Go See Her!! “

Dr. Marion Mehrer, Executive Placement

marionmehrer“Before I started working with Anastasia, my brain was foggy, I had no energy, I couldn’t deliver speeches coherently, I was in pain, and I could barely earn money.  During the first six months I’ve been working with Anastasia, I have earned an average of $10,000 per month. I then took her course “Energize Me” and discovered how easy it was for me to maintain my own health.”

Marcia Wieder, Founder of Dream University

marciawieder“Anastasia really helped me when I had a case of vertigo and could no longer function. My other healers couldn’t help.  One session and the vertigo was gone!  Now, I contact her whenever I need help.  And I love when she is around, I always feel better.”

Lisa Thomas


After taking Anastasias course, I went from selling clothes to being a full time healer.  I am now booked 2 months in advance in a hugely satisfying career earning more than I had in even my corporate career.

Melinda Inn

screen-shot-2016-03-13-at-1-42-27-pm“Anastasia has shown me skills that I have been wanting to master for 20 years.  She’s not kidding when she says it is fast.  I helped shrink 3rd stage cancer tumors in a matter of a couple of weeks in one of my clients.  Her work is brilliant!”