Can Dementia Be Reversed?

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oldladydementiaI often wondered if it were possible to bring back someone’s memory and brain functions after a significant decline.  I got a call from Bill who wasn’t suffering from mental decline like his wife, Susan, was.  Susan had declined to a tired and forgetful woman of 73; she seldom awoke before noon and was not very conversational.  She watched TV, played cards and seldom wanted to leave their home.  When I started having conversations with Bill, I also discovered that Susan had a large cancerous tumor for which she was undergoing some sort of therapy for.

My primary task was to bring her memory function back and to help her have more energy.  I set about the normal protocols and met with Bill via phone once a week for an hour the first month.  I did a complete brain healing protocol, brain organ healings, and the energy organs, including thyroid, adrenals and liver.  After the first month, the sessions went to twice a month in which I stimulated the stem cells to improve her energy levels and her immune system.  Her memory function gradually improved over a three month period.

Susan now remembers her days, interacts and laughs more, makes her old jokes, and even remembers last week and last month.  Her level of confusion is lower, she gets up at 9 am instead of after noon, and takes care of herself better.  Not only that, her cancerous tumor is now a small fraction of the size  it was originally.  Was it the conventional medicine therapy?  If it was, the energy healing accelerated the progress of the shrinkage.

Another great outcome.

Susan’s failing memory and brain functions are not the only ones that should be helped. Everyone can benefit from a full brain healing: anyone who has ever bumped their head, been involved in contact sports, or been in a car accident should absolutely get help.  It will be surprising at how much better your brain works and how much fast you can solve problems that used to take you much longer.  It will also prevent cognitive decline and you won’t have to struggle like Susan and Bill did.  Contact, click on the “let’s talk” tab to set up a complimentary discovery session.





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