book description - Dr. Anastasia Chopelas

book description

In The Diamond Healing Method, you’ll discover how to live your life to its highest potential.  

Does any of this describe you?
  • You wake up tired even after eight hours of sleep.
  • You are overwhelmed trying to fit so much into your life that the thought of taking on one more task sends you into a downward spiral of stress.
  • You’re short tempered and impatient with so many people and activities during your day.
  • You’ve forgotten how to laugh, joke or kid around with your friends and family.
  • You crave sweet or salty foods.
  • You feel you can’t afford to take a day off, that all your activities and the people around you are more important than you are.
  • You’ve gained a lot (or lost a lot) of weight because you were eating without paying attention to what you were eating OR you forgot to eat.
  • You seem to suffer from colds and the sniffles way too often or have a lot of body pain such as lower back or joint pain.  It’s chronic and the doctor can’t seem to find any physical cause.  You don’t recover easily.
  • You have a major illness or high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other “middle age” conditions.
  • You suffer a lot of headaches.
  • Things that didn’t used to bother you drive you crazy now.
  • You are sensitive to sounds, especially if there are two or three of them, like the radio, conversation and background sounds.
  • You can’t figure out why you’ve hit a roadblock in your life.  After all, you’re working hard to get ahead.
  • Your current behavior is causing your relationships to deteriorate.
  • You might even be considering dangerous activities such as illegal drugs, risky behavior, or affairs just to feel alive again.

In The Diamond Healing Method, you’ll not only see the causes for your symptoms, you will also see the solutions.  You’ll find there are seven life strategies that are more important than what you eat for you to live vibrantly and abundantly.  These solutions have brought about massive changes in the hundreds of clients I have worked with.

Which factors affect your health most profoundly?

Within  the pages of this book, you’ll find that there are seven major factors that affect your life, health, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.  It isn’t just your mind-set; it is also your environment and your interaction with it, whether it’s other people, your surroundings or what you put in your body. It’s also about how you treat yourself and what you tell yourself every day.  When you look at it this way, it’s really all about energy management, which is what this book describes.   Small adjustments in your day, your interactions with your environment, others, or yourself can add up to big positive effects on your internal stress levels.  Here, you’ll discover small simple adjustment techniques that add up to major improvements in your life.
About the Author

Dr. Anastasia Chopelas is the Scientific Healer, a role that was borne out of necessity when she became ill 20 years ago.

After spending 40 years as an international researcher and professor in physics, she retired to work on helping the health and well being of those around her.  During her 20 year journey to recover her health, which she has, she has found a series of truths that have helped hundreds of people transform their lives and health.

She has a private VIP healing practice and teaches others how to manage their own health and energy in group classes and lectures all over the country.