Asperger’s Syndrome Relieved


New case study:  26 year old male not able to hold job down because of tendency to anger or angry words, lack of self control, and difficulty with  working with others.  When he would come towards people, they would scatter and not want to deal with him.  He would be friendly but awkward often.

He had been diagnosed as a high functioning Asperger’s case.  Upon examining him, I found that his human spirit was only animating part of his body, but did not include his mouth, one eye, and his limbs.  His family said this diagnosis made sense as his mouth and brain didn’t seem to engage together.  After getting express permission, I pulled his spirit into his body and realigned him.  This was two ten minute alignments.

The post-treatment behavior:  His mood improved dramatically, waking up and declaring what a wonderful day it was.  This was highly unusual.  At his job (with his family), he was very friendly and declared helpful by some new employees.  This greatly surprised him and his family.  He’s less volatile and much more sociable.

A similar technique is used to help settle ADHD suffers down.  After a five to ten minute treatment of a 54 year old male who suffered from ADHD since childhood.  His tone and body movements calmed way down.  His relatives were asking what happened to him.  Several months later, the realignment has held and his relatives report that conversation with him is still very pleasant and balanced.





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