Accessing Your Subconscious Desires FAST. Alternatives to muscle testing.


Your intuition or subconscious is a treasure of guidance and truth for you. Being able to access it easily can help you tremendously.

The old, slow way to access that tiny voice inside you is to sit and meditate many hours, journaling, doing a task that takes you out of your current situation (like painting fine art), or hard rhythmic exercise.

What if you wanted an answer in seconds?

You probably think that it’s applied kinesiology or muscle testing, you’d be partly right. But there are other ways that help, too. I’ll be exploring those and how to make sure these answers are accurate.

Often times that inner voice of yours will be speaking out of fear rather than faith, where it can give you false positives.  You could also be dehydrated, where the signal won’t come through easily.  Your polarity can be reversed.  You get tips on how to correct possible issues.

You will also get three alternative methods to muscle testing.

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0:51 Slow Access via Meditation
1:06 Slow access via endurance sports
1:37 Slow access: Driving the same path every day
1:54 Slow access: via journaling
2:18 Slow access: via creative art
3:39 Intro to Muscle Testing
3:55 Correcting your Polarity
5:28 Testing your Hydration Levels
7:42 What happens if muscle testing fails?
10:14 The lean or sway test
11:45 Brief comment on dowsing
13:24 Using a pendulum
17:04 Recap and accessing intuition





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