You (and your clients) can live your best life (their best lives) EVER!

Too many therapies or programs, whether energetic, spiritual, or conventional, focus on solving one specific thing.  They are too narrow and often leave big gaps in what you really need to get to the next level of health, wealth or having amazing fulfilling relationships.

It’s true that it might help you get into the right program, but without a real overview, it’s difficult to

get the help you or your clients need.  Often you might work really hard on a program without success, leaving you wondering if you’re defective. You or your clients still feel stuck, broke, lonely and/or sick.

So many issues are looked at just too myopically without realizing that we are whole beings, not a series of parts.  If it’s in one cell, it’s in all of them.

This is why I was prompted to write this guide…

To show you how a lack in one area can energetically transfer to somewhere else, disguising the real cause of the issue.  So often illness or even lack of business or stream of healing clients is the result of this energetic lack.

We have plenty of clues what brings us health and happiness. 

It isn’t the latest diet fad, supplements, or exercise program.  It might surprise you of the eight factors that have been deemed as primary factors in your health, how you take care of your physical body ranks 8th.

The Research is in

Research from medical schools at top universities, such as Harvard, Yale, and Johns Hopkins, have correlated longevity and health with these eight factors, data collected over 70 plus years of research.

Since vibrant health reflects your personal energy, it also impacts your wealth and relationships.

This is also corroborated by the results many of my clients have experienced after their energy transformed in these eight areas, in a matter of hours, days or weeks. For example, after two sessions, Judy, a 60 year old business woman, went on to lose 40 lbs and was able to clear up her type-2 diabetes in the 3 months after her sessions.  Imagine solving something that has plagued you for years so quickly.  Simply, this transformation reflects changes in your personal energy or frequency.

Let me clarify what I mean by energy.

The higher your frequency, the more content, at peace, satisfied, happy, joyful and free you feel in this human existence.  You move from a me-state to a we-state.  You start resonating with unconditional love and happiness that you’d love to draw others into your realm.  

These frequencies can actually be measured physically and show that healthy, happy and wealthy people emanate much higher frequencies than those that are ill, alone and poor.  Previous measurements on human energy fields show that a healthy person vibrates at 70 to 80 MHz while a person with cancer or heart disease vibrates at 30 to 40 MHz.  A person on his deathbed will be down under 20 MHz.  

Below, I list the factors that matter based on decades of research. While caring for your physical body, meaning your diet, exercise, sleep, etc., is foundational, it ranks last in this list. You can even do all the right things and still get sick.  This is the real problem with health care in the conventional system, that it’s all physical and doesn’t pay attention to the profound influences the other seven have on your spirit and your energy or frequency.

Many of these factors are what I focus on in my programs, whether it is to work with them individually or in groups.  All of my programs have a learning component to help empower them to take care of themselves.  The last thing you want to have is a client dependent on you for life.  It creates an energy imbalance that is not helpful for you.

The 8 factors of health, wealth and happiness

What is it in your life that keeps you resilient and strong, healthy and living longer than average?  

As investigated by major universities in looking at vitality and longevity, here are the factors that came out in the following order.  You will see in the following stories how much difference this has made with my clients and students.  

These results are typical, they happen every day as I work with them.

1. Relationships – loving and positive connection with others.  

We are designed to be social beings, to connect with others.  Our energy bodies are such that all energy systems can transmit information to and from others, including animals.  Often, you set yourself up in relational situations that are difficult and once those are resolved, you realize in retrospect that it was exactly something you needed to learn.  Many people assert that relationships are for learning.  This is a shortsighted view as much of what gives you love, joy, and happiness are associated with relationships.   

We in general seek closeness and intimacy, love and acceptance by others.  Yet so many people are in unhealthy dysfunctional relationships.  Ask yourself these questions: Are your relationships loving and nurturing or critical, negative or draining? Do you handle disagreement or conflict well or do you avoid speaking out?  This includes your relationship to yourself.  Do you have a strong inner voice critic that makes you wrong or not good enough?

Ability to connect in relationships helps you in a job, business, home/marriage and family.  

One of my most powerful and effective transformation tools is clearing old relationship baggage so you can wipe the slate clean with current and past difficult relationships or invite new ones in.  

Many of my students and clients find their soul mates while in my programs.  Often it comes hand in hand with helping their income or business thrive as is Susie’s case.

Let’s see what happened with Susie

Susie was running a multiple six figure business when her marriage started having difficulties and she felt like she was being bled dry because she wasn’t sure to work through the difficulties or to cut ties. She was consumed with guilt because she was unsure of whether to stay married or divorce.  Her business was taking a hit and had the lowest year since it started.   

On the afternoon, I was on the phone with her, her estranged husband was out with their two young children.  I cleared her energetic relationship baggage connected to her husband.  

Two hours later, he shows up on her doorstep, happy with the kids with a big bouquet of flowers for her.  Her business problems started clearing up and her income climbed again. And best of all, she was freed from the consuming guilt.

Susie’s story is just one of dozens that show immediate results after a powerful emotional/relational release of old baggage.

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2. Healthy professional life – satisfying career that gives you pleasure and a feeling of self worth  

You spend so much of your time in your career.  Statistics show that the average Amercian spends almost 8 hours a day working but that doesn’t even take in the time you spend thinking about work or even working at home after hours….

Many people are in careers that was planned for by a parent or other relative, or something that they just fell into.   Often it is difficult for you to choose when you are young and you are influenced by the people around you.  

As a professor, I watched many of my students struggle with this very issue.  My only advice to them was to choose something that they would get excited to wake up to every morning.  

Let’s look at Joe’s case.

Joe was floundering because he had so many decisions to make in his life, should he move to the west coast from the east, should he keep the relationship going, his first after the divorce from the mother of his children, should he sell his business and if so, how could he sell it while keeping his employees employed, and what should he do next.  His life was upside down and his income dropped to practically zero.  He didn’t love what he was doing before.   

This tumultuous time in his life seemed to be endless as it had lasted months and month as it was taking a toll on him both emotionally and physically.

As I worked with Joe, shifting his energy, emotional state, and clearing his old relationship baggage, he made all his decisions in less than three weeks.  

He then chose a new line of business that he loves, stayed on the east coast with his children, and found a solution to help his former employees while selling a business that kept him in turmoil.  

When I last saw Joe recently (three years after my sessions with him), his business was thriving in multiple six figures and he had an amazing spring in his step.  He had created his new business so he could do all the things he loved, in the area he loved around the people he loved.  

You can ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your career fulfilling and satisfying or is it something you drag yourself every day to just to pay your bills?  
  • Do you go into work dreading how each day seems to go slowly or do your days whiz by and you still have enough energy at the end of the day to go out or cook a good meal at home?  
  • Are you feeling like you make a contribution in the world or are you just marking time?

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3. Creative expression – an outlet that allows you to show your artistry in speech, writing, visually, audibly, or physically.

Whether it’s dance, singing, playing music, drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, poetry you need to have a creative outlet… chose anything that lets you express you.

Being able to honestly express yourself allows you see yourself in a new light.  You respect yourself at a whole new level.  You just brought something into being from just your thoughts.  

Often artistry of one kind or another is more about you being part of the creative process than the end result.  Can you do these things without judgement, whether it comes out the way you want or not?  

What happened with Emily?

Emily, 28 year young woman, came to me almost three years ago with deep fatigue and no diagnosis from conventional medicine.  As I changed her energy field or frequency, it took a while for it to shift into her inner self.  

She felt unlovable because she could contribute to any relationship because of her tiredness.  Despite her tiredness, she still coached young athletes and taught exercise classes at a local gym.  

She shifted from those activities to writing and illustrating children’s books.  Many of these are now top-sellers and she is now thriving.   It doesn’t mean that you have to move to an artistic career, just that expressing yourself artistically is so good for the body and soul.  

Expressing yourself freely helps bring the inner you out into the daylight.  It allows you to see your inner beauty.   Once you appreciate you, you get healthier.

If you don’t do anything creative, ask yourself these questions:  

  • Are you afraid to express yourself in some way?  
  • Do you hold back or think you have nothing to say or no one will want to see whatever it is you’re creating?  
  • Do you wish you had more talent instead of appreciating and getting lost in your own self expression?  

Are you afraid of ridicule when you tell people you are a healer?

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4. Spiritual connection – having a relationship with a higher power.   

So many people think I’m speaking about religion.  I’m not.  This is non-denominational.   

What my interpretation of spiritual connection is believing that there is a power greater than you are.  It allows you to NOT be responsible for everything happening around you, only your behavior.  

You also need to know that there is no such thing as fate or destiny.  Your life is not predetermined by stars, your higher power, DNA or karma.  You have free will and choice.  You can choose to change whatever belief system you have bought into up to now and move forward in any way you wish.  

Having this freedom of choice allows you to toss away the shackles that bound your decisions and life path before.  You can now make new decisions without worrying what other people think.  In my case, I retired from a long time career that was a lot of stress and in part caused some of my own illnesses.  

From there I became a healer: this is not an easy step to make as most of my former colleagues think healers are on the lunatic fringe.  I made this decision because I let go of everything except what I wanted to do in my heart.  I stopped thinking about everyone else, their impressions, their thoughts and their opinions.  I asked for help.  I am now in the best health I’ve been in for the last 25 years and earn more than I did as a professor.  

I am not the only one.  I know of several lawyers, scientists, and other professionals that stopped doing those difficult careers to start thriving in health and their business lives.   

With that said, believing in a loving and supporting higher power also allows you to give over control for outside circumstances and ask for help and understanding during difficult times.   

It also allows you to never feel alone, to know that you are connected to all life in a big way.  You are a part of a matrix of miracles and creation.  And you can make your own decisions for your life.  

Have you lost your confidence as a healer?    

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5. Sexual connection – having a deep connection with another and expressing that love.  

After being a spiritual being, you exist in this physical plane because of sexuality.  You are a sexual being.   

You’ve been inundated with the contrary.  Much of religious dogma denies and even condemns that part of ourselves.  Some societies require women to cover from head to toe in order to curtail sexual connection.  Christian iconography makes sure the images are for pious reflection and not inspire “impure” thoughts.  

Your sexuality, whatever the persuasion is, is an important part of your physicality and how you connect with your life partner.  It also allows you to connect with yourself, profoundly.  Accepting and loving who and what you are is an important step to developing a loving relationship with yourself and others.  

Too many relationships are caught up in the power struggle that is played out through sexuality.  The power struggle is often with ourselves: Is it right, is it wrong, should we be married, can I be intimate with more than one person?  Too many people torture themselves with guilt.  

On the other hand, extra-marital sex (whether a marriage exists or not) carries with it a whole other set of problems.    In a word, don’t.  Solve your current relationships, whether to stay or leave, before moving out of integrity with yourself.

So you can see, sexuality can be a huge hornets nest of issues.

Staying energetically clean here is really important to your well-being and health.  The relationship healing mentioned in item 1 can help dissolve the old energetic imprints and patterns that old, unresolved relationships leave on your energy body.  That way you can wipe the slate clean, stop repeating past history, and start fresh.

It helps create new healthy relationships and even heal the old ones.

April came to me asking for help.  

She and I became close over a period of time and we spoke on the phone often.  April had a 30 year old business that was getting into financial trouble.  She hadn’t booked any new clients for a period of 6 months.  

She asked me if I could discover the reason.  I went through the protocols I developed to help me and my students discover the issues affecting someone’s personal energy and health.  I told her it was an old relationship.

She was surprised that this particular relationship was still a problem as she had resolved the emotional pull on her.  It turns out that this was a relationship that started out to be more sexual, driven by something that neither could resist.  This went on for a long time until they finally married.  Their divorce and separation was mutual and friendly.  

After I released that particular tie from her energy, the result was almost instant.  She booked six new clients in the following 4 hours.  Her business is still thriving today.  

Could your sexuality be affecting you and your success?

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6.  Financial health – having a good relationship with money and having enough to sustain you and your family  

Not necessarily wealth, just a good relationship with your wealth and wealth management.  

Money is energy, your energy, you.  Too much bad juju is around money, with so many messages about you being greedy if you want it, that there’s some mysterious quality to it, it’s elusive, you have to work hard to get it, that it doesn’t come easily, you have to do unethical and terrible things to get it, etc.  

This is a topic that has inspired books upon books upon books, many well read and best sellers.  People also take vows of poverty one way or another, they have poverty mindsets, and don’t believe they deserve this mysterious thing.  They don’t charge what their services are worth and are hesitant to collect it.  

If you have a business, do you offer super cheap prices, downgrading the value of what you do?  Do you offer it at less than posted prices just to get business in?  

Once you have a realistic idea of money and how it is your energy, you will be able to easily charge what your services are worth.  When this happens, you will be able to attract a higher quality client and thrive in your business without working long hours and depleting yourself.  

See what happened with Angela

Angela, a talented woman in her early fifties, started a healing business.  At the outside, she didn’t want to price herself so high that none of her friends could afford her.  She is phenomenal at what she does.  Soon, her practice was full 6 days a week but he was tired all the time.  Even though she made plenty of  income to thrive on,  she had no time to enjoy it.  

I urged her to raise her prices more than once.  (I would see her off and on, but her busy life made it impossible to even get on the phone with her.)  Finally, after realizing the energetic consequences of her actions, she doubled her prices but she only lost a small fraction of her business.  Now she has days off, makes more money and can finally enjoy her friends and family again.  

Just ask yourself a couple of questions to discover how you are with money:

  • Do you squander it? Do you spend just to spend it?  
  • Do you pinch all your pennies denying yourself everything?
  • Do you only shop at discount stores and only with coupons?  
  • Do you know your monthly budget, what you need to pay for all your expenses?  
  • Do you have a payment plan for debts if any?  
  • Do you have a savings plan and follow it?  
  • Do you know how much you’ll have upon retirement and can you live on it?   

Charging the right amount is paramount to be financially healthy and to be of best service to your clients.

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7. Mentally healthy – Balanced emotionally and mentally.  

First, let’s start with brain health.  Your brain is affected by so many things:

  • head injuries you have sustained over your lifetime,
  • exposure to toxic chemicals  environmentally or in your foods in the way of additives, preservatives, pesticides or added antibiotics; and your medications.  
  • poor food choices including alcohol and sugar,
  • lack of sleep and exercise.

After I check and stabilize 19 health parameters in the initial check-up I do with my new clients, a brain healing is mandatory.  

Your brain health determines how well your body will stay healthy and vice versa.  Muscle mass has a great deal to do with an intact memory and brain function into later life.  Exercise is essential here, you must have an exercise regimen even it if it to walk around the block a couple times a day.  It matters for your brain.  

I have run across so many people in their 50’s and beyond whose brains are not functioning optimally, in memory or decision making, especially if they’ve experienced any of those issues outlined above.  

Often, this is the result of head trauma or brain malfunction caused by toxicity, poor physical care or trauma.

Ask yourself these questions for mental/brain health:

  • How’s your memory, has it changed?
  • Do you have difficulty concentrating or can you sit for a quite a while focused on the task at hand?  
  • Do you learn as easily as you did when you were young?  
  • Can you make decisions easily with confidence?   

Emotional health is reflected in your reactions to situations.  

First, let me qualify things.  Often, emotional reactions can be a result of energetic patterns you inherited from your parents or your past life situations.  When you have a painful response to something, such as feeling alone, hurt, sad, angry, deserted, or otherwise, this is a reaction that you learn something from.  At some level, you choose them.  If you imagine you and your siblings growing up in the same household and environment.  Yet, each has their own particular way of interpreting a situation.   

Several different emotional release techniques are effective.  

All people can benefit from learning how to release pent up emotions or learn from their reactions.  It is especially important if you are a healer or therapist, masseuse or someone who helps people psychologically; these methods are essential to your own well-being.   When you hear someone’s troubles, you tend to match their energy, pulling you (and your frequency) down, causing you to absorb their issue.  

Amanda came to me with a rare autoimmune disease that left her susceptible to illness, which made it difficult to run her boutique accounting business.  People that knew her casually thought her gruff and even frightening.  When you are angry and exhausted, even if it has nothing to do with the current situation, it is difficult to keep your emotions hidden.  

Amanda revealed to me that she had been deeply angry at her father for forty years, about the length of time she had been dealing with her autoimmune condition.  I released the anger from all the places she had stored it in her body and field.  The result was profound and immediate.  

She told me that she couldn’t even muster anger against her father any more.  She was more at peace with herself.  Her family didn’t recognize the sweet woman she had transformed into.  Her business picked up by 30% in the first year without doing any new advertising.  She said her phone was ringing off the hook.  And on top of that, her autoimmune conditions had improved so dramatically that she was able to forgo most of the antibiotics she had been on almost continuously for 40 years.  

Ask yourself these questions to do with emotional health :

  • Do you get upset when someone drives in a less than stellar way?  
  • Do you look outside yourself for the source of your bad feelings, like anger, sadness or fear?  
  • Do you spend days in a funk over something that happened?  
  • Or do you recover quickly from instances such as someone being angry with you, losing a job, or getting a ticket?  
  • How about a reaction to someone criticizing you?  Do you stew over it for days or consider it, act on it or move on?

Releasing other’s issues from our emotional and physical being is essential and part of several of my programs, especially those helping other healers maintain good health while helping others.

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8. Healthy body – eating right,  staying fit, and environmental toxins  

Having a good diet, exercise, rest, hydration – the foundations of good physical health.  

Yes, this is last on the list…

This might be surprising given the huge number of ads and money spent on the latest diet or supplement when the real problem lies in the list 1 to 7 above.   

Nonetheless, physical care is important to your physical health as energetic hygiene. This includes feeding yourself clean nutritious food, getting plenty of rest, hydration, and exercise.  It is foundational.  

Despite doing all the right things, you might still get ill.   

While it is often written off as genes or even fate, being a scientist gives me the perspective that all illnesses are a result of cause and effect.  You may have inherited a pattern that your body responds to stress a certain way, like getting cancer, asthma, or kidney disease.  The stress isn’t always just emotional, it can be toxic environment, foods, or toxic people.  The good news is you can reprogram yourself to respond differently.

People think that their parents fate must be theirs and often curse their ancestors for giving them problems.

Your DNA is designed to help you survive but on overload, it creates illness, often one difficult to recover from.  You can take heart that new research shows that DNA is programmable via the new science called epigenetics.  You can program it by long term behavioral changes or by using energetic protocols which I use on my clients either individually or in groups and teach in my programs.   Most powerful is when you use both.

Let’s address food and how it affects you

Common questions I get are about food allergies and why is what is considered a perfectly healthy food, can be so toxic to you.  

Your genetics do play a role in food and environmental allergies.  These can also be reprogrammed easily using simple energetic techniques you can do at home.  Your blood tests will even show these results.  This allows you to have a wider gamut of healthful foods and be able to go out and enjoy nature, for example.  

Certain foods are innately harmful to humans.  Most of these are seeds; such as beans and grains.  This harm is to help the plant propagate.  People tend to be allergic to these seeds which  also contribute to perforating the gut lining and being instigators of a variety of autoimmune conditions.  Most if not all people do actually do better without these foods.  Your body can also be reprogrammed to tolerate and accept these foods to a certain extent.  

Physical care beyond diet

The best physical care is getting 7 to 8 hours quality sleep a night (including at least 2 hours before midnight), drinking 8 to 10 glasses of purified water a day, meditating at least 10 minutes a day to reduce your stress response, exercising 20 minutes a day, and eating an organic vegetable centered diet while including high quality organic proteins, essential fats, and probiotics.   

Reduce sugar, alcohol, coffee and other alkaloid based foods like tea, chocolate, and mate’ tea, and recreational drugs.  Stop smoking.  Prescribed medication while can necessary short term, really needs to be addressed with your doctor for any long term non drug solutions.   

This sounds simple in words but is difficult in practice.  The energetic protocols you receive during any of my programs, which you can also practice for yourself, will help you move to a healthier and more energetic life more quickly.

Environmental Toxins

Taking care that you are not breathing in toxic chemicals like cleaning solutions, paints, or chlorine from treated water; not around emf pollution; and using personal care products containing dangerous compounds like fragrances, parabens, dyes, additives or preservatives.  

More subtle problems can include the energy signatures of people that have visited your home, office or are in your workplace.  If a person is resonating with anger, fear, jealousy, or guilt, he or she imbues the environment with that energy.  We can pick it up as we are designed to interact with one another on many levels.  

There are several ways to clean up your environment of all the possible pollutants, including energetic practices.


As you now realize, the same factors that are important for good health are important for your success in life no matter what you are striving for.  

So much undue attention is paid to the physical body, but the emotional and mental bodies play a much larger role than diet and exercise.  First and foremost, it’s your relationships, whether it’s your happiness, your success in business, your success or well being at a job, or your enjoyment in social, business, and familial events.   These factors are an easy way for you to enumerate and evaluate how you yourself are doing.  It will help you discover what is holding you back from your success.

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