Today’s guest is Iain Grae, a serial entrepreneur, who has tapped into the woo world to create an abundant life for himself and teaches others to do the same. He started his first small business in his teens, was broke at 25, became a millionaire at 27 and retired at 30. This came from him founding Innovation Ads, Inc. – a New York based advertising agency which grew from just himself to over 150 employees in just three short years at which point he sold it. I highlight this particular story because this is highly unusual. Most people take much longer to get to this point. You’ll get more details by listening in.

Even more interesting is how Iain achieved success. It was less about what he does but rather how he is. He lives a balanced lifestyle by intentionally looking into five major areas of life: Spirituality, Health, Relationships, Finances and Personal Development. This is a point that is often lost on highly ambitious or focussed people. You may have heard me say this before, but these factors are scientifically validated as critical to your happiness and well-being.

Iain has written a little book worth getting called “Ten Principles That Brought Me Millions and It Can Work for You”. It’s a nice little primer on the success principles that you’ve been hearing about from me.

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He has just published a second book called: Heaven on Earth: The BluePrint That Will Give You Heaven on Earth.   You can get it on Amazon here:

Listen in to hear this inspirational and enthusiastic young man speak on how he helps people become successful.

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