Those of you who are in careers or businesses that take care of other people, help other people, in the healing arts or otherwise, are usually the ones that aren’t caring for yourselves. Often, the partner of an ailing elderly person dies first because they spend so much effort taking care of their sick spouse that they neglect themselves. Doctors have an average life span of 73 in this country according a recent study. When contrasted against other college educated adults, this is a good 10 to 12 years less, a statistically significant difference. The demands on us often have us neglecting ourselves.

Aside from the usual recipes for health, such as enough sleep, good eating habits, hydration and exercise (and of course avoiding the foods and habits, like drinking alcohol and smoking, that aren’t good for you), there are a series of small but not time consuming daily energetic health habits that can contribute greatly to your well-being. Listen in as Gwen Lepard and I give these a good run down so you can get started today incorporating them today.

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