Today’s topic on self care ideas and strategies for coaches and healers originates from a number of my clients and students that get tired and worn out in the course of helping others.  This is a reminder of taking the time out for self care.  In this video, I focus on tips other than the usual get enough sleep, eat right and exercise.  You have already heard these until the cows come home.  It goes without saying that in order to be of the best service to others, taking care of yourself is paramount.

In this video you’ll hear about scheduling time for yourself, creating mini gaps in the day to be able to stretch and do a pattern interrupt to get you out of stress.  You’ll also hear some ideas for releasing the energy of the person you’ve been helping whether it is in person or on the phone.  After working with others, you as a caring healer or coach will want to release their energy.  I offer a few simple tips that anyone can do even if you are not an energy healer.

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Listen to the show:

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