Today, you’ll hear about Louise’s difficulty in getting over her ex-partner. She had a lot of repressed anger. She was furious at him and this fury was radiating out all over the place unbeknownst to her. In fact, when you spoke to her, you couldn’t tell by her behavior how angry she was. She seemed happy and calm, unless the topic of her ex-partner came up. Then it was obvious.

She complained to me that she was having trouble meeting someone new despite her being on various contact or dating sites. But there’s even more to the story.

Are you angry, disappointed, sad, jealous or depressed over an ex-wife, ex-husband, ex-partner even an ex-business partner or good friend? If so, you are still in a relationship with them and exchanging information and energy with them. In fact, your connection to them could cause you similar problems as Louise was having. What’s the solution?

Listen in to discover what happened with Louise when her anger was instantly cleared by an energetic process that you can also experience for free. The link mentioned in this broadcast is You’ll have instant access to a recorded clearing and be instantly signed up to the live program coming in the first week of February.

For those of you ready to talk to me about bringing success into your life the easy way, go to to send me a note or to when you’re ready to take action.

Listen to the show:

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