Today, you’ll hear how quickly behavior of an estranged or difficult partner can shift when you do the work on your side energetically, that is clearing old relationship baggage. This is a story about Mary Ann who has a certain amount of intuitive abilities but didn’t have all the knowledge she needed to take care of the looming personal decisions ahead of her.

Her Relationship Problems Caused Trouble in Her Lucrative Business

Mary Ann is a very talented business woman with a half a million dollar business. It wasn’t going so well and she was in the midst of a divorce. It was one in which she felt uncertain in going through with it.

Her estranged husband had gotten fat and lazy, meaning he stopped working and depended solely on her income He had also let himself go physically and gained nearly 100 lbs and was no longer the man she thought she had married. She felt overwhelmed because she couldn’t help him take care of her their two children and herself and keep running her business.

Find out what surprises happened after MaryAnn and I spoke on the phone for the first time. Listen in and see if you recognize yourself in this broadcast.

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