Paula Brown is a great friend with an extremely interesting set of skills. She calls herself a “heart-ist”, which is a combination of heart and artist. This is truly the core of what she does as her business name, Chi-Lightful, also expresses.

She helps entrepreneurs and leaders get unstuck by leading them through a unique process to draw out their inner heart’s desires through a process of envisioning it with Paula’s powerful artistic abilities. She can see it for you before you can see it for yourself. With this process, she can coax or coach the best out of you so your purpose, mission, and process become aligned. This allows leaders to come to total clarity in their visions.

Helping Leaders Envision Their Ideas

Paula didn’t always do this. She emerged from being a Brand Creative Director for international clients. This gives her a unique perspective on helping her clients by marrying her keen intuition with strategic processes for leaders and influencers to discover, and communicate their “what”.

Paula’s Sketch Questing and purpose coaching brings her clients into focused clarity…getting unstuck and out of the frustration of not being able to communicate their vision effectively.

Paula’s unique perspective came about after she died and came back to life. Listen in as she talks about her life hanging in the balance and how she emerged with renewed purpose.

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