In this broadcast you’ll discover what cautions need to be taken when using muscle testing to determine an outcome. For many people it doesn’t work and it is often used incorrectly. Muscle testing is mis-understood as a physiological response, it is often assigned qualities that it doesn’t deserve. Listen in as I describe exactly what muscle testing is, the way I use it in my work (as confirmation, not determination), and when it shouldn’t be used. There are many things to be aware of when using a muscle test to determine things such as allergies or courses of action to take. These are all addressed here.

It was inspired by many of the negative comments made on an earlier video. This included comments about there being evidence that it doesn’t work. I don’t address that here. Why? I spent 40 years reading through piles of publications in scholarly journals that were also filled with proof of things that “didn’t work”. There’s a lot of dubious work out there in legitimate places. All experiments need to be conducted carefully and results need to be reported responsibly.

What you’ll hear in this video is common sense from the results of thousands of experiments. Ask yourself the question: Do you feel better when you smile? Can you do more when you tell yourself “yes”? You have your answer, no matter what a publication says.

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Listen to the show:

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