Moon astrology, according to Claudia Thompson gives you the following lesson: Turning up the heat in an oven to make your dish cook faster is never the answer. You end up with a burned shell with a raw core.

For many things in life, there is a correct speed and vigor for which you accomplish something that makes the perfect dish. Ever wonder what that might be? This is one bit of wisdom that Claudia Thompson can help you with.

You get a dose of that in today’s show. The first time I heard Claudia speak in front of a large audience, she shared a wealth of calm wisdom. She calls herself a moon astrologer, but wait until you hear what that means.

Before this activity, Claudia has had an amazingly diverse set of activities: This includes an earlier career as a make-up artist and hairstylist for television, for which she won an Emmy. She hosted her own radio show called “Star Talk” and is a prolific writer of books and appeared in magazines and on television to talk about what she calls lunar astrology.

She looked to the stars for guidance for 25 years but discovered that it’s really the waxing and waning of the moon cycles that exert the most profound influence. Indeed, scientifically the moon influences the tides and since we are 70% water, it must also influence life itself. Statistically, more babies are born on full moons as my daughter was.

When I worked as a telephone operator, our busiest nights with the most bizarre incidences happened on full moons. This is a well-known phenomenon and is often written about. Mind you, this isn’t astrology in the sense most people see it. Instead, it’s truly the influence of the moon’s gravity and additional light from the full moon at night.

Have you noticed that by the light of the full moon, you have a very distinct shadow on the ground? Listen in to discover how you may benefit from following the moon cycle, the eight important phases in this cycle, and what this might mean for you. Visit Claudia’s Facebook here.

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