On today’s show, Lisa Goldberg says “I chose to stay home and stopped my life because of my weight!”  Does this painful situation sound familiar? It did for me!

When I heard that Lisa was less about diet and exercise and more about changing habits and behaviors to help people get lean and healthy, I wanted to know more. To remind you, there are 8 factors that are vitally important to your health, wealth and happiness and having a healthy body is on the list with diet, exercise, sleep etc.

I know from years of my practicing healthy habits that the people that believe a diet is something to go on and off are the ones that will yoyo.  I brought one of the top experts in the country to you so you can hear it straight from her.

Lisa has a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University, but in addition to that she has several certifications including personal trainer, certified nutritionist, and weight management specialist from esteemed organizations such as the ADA.  She was the Nutritionist for The New York Stock Exchange and traders on wall street.   Connect with her at LisaGoldbergNutrition.com to get her free gift.

For those of you ready to talk to me about bringing success into your life the easy way, go to http://scientifichealer.com/contact to send me a note or to http://scientifichealer.com/appointment when you’re ready to take action.

Listen in to get Lisa’s top tips for permanent and painless weight management!

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