Aleksandra Nenadic is a registered physiotherapist but she is not your typical therapist. Her start was what you would call conventional: she graduated with a Master’s in physiotherapy from the University of Ottawa in 2014. She worked at another clinic for three years and discovered how she could improve the outcomes of her patients in so many ways. So, unlike other therapists,she opened her own clinic with a vision to provide tailored, hands-on treatment to each patient for their musculoskeletal conditions.

She has a unique process for assessing new people to see how she can best help them. Furthermore, She is an adamant advocate of regular physical activity to improve strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular activity. What makes her different and what drives her is her love and passion for the well being of those that seek her help. In a way, this is energy healing and, make no mistake, how traditional therapists approach their patients can make all the difference in the world with the outcome..

This passion helps inspire and empower her patients to actively participate in their own recovery process. In turn, when her patients follow their customized exercise program, their pain, stress and anxiety levels are so reduced they do not have to resort to medication. Listen in to Aleksandra’s inspiring and passionate conversation about her work and what she does differently.

Wouldn’t you want to have all your health care handled in this way?

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