July is the first of the summer months, where we strip down to our shorts and t-shirts, bathing suits or even birthday suits. Most of us struggle with correct nourishment in today’s world because we are flooded with a lot of propaganda and conflicting information about what’s good for your body. This includes not only what we put in it but what we put on it.

Every January new “so called” diets roll out and everyone jumps on the bandwagon thinking that this is going to be the magic solution, the miracle we’ve all been waiting for. Some diets are even crazy, like eating sardines or grapefruit all day long.

I’ve studied all these ideas for about 50 years. I read about every diet and nutrition book I could get my hands on, research from nutrition and health journals, and tried many of those fad things myself, well, except for those extreme things. There were a lot of years between then and now where I struggled with wanting to eat all day long even though I was active and lean. I literally craved food all the time. I don’t any more. Today, I unravel some of the pieces with my guest host, Gwen Lepard. Listen in to learn more.

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