In today’s episode, you’ll hear that even friendly and amicable separation or divorce can cause relationship issues within you. This could include financial and business problems. Have you gone down a separate path with a former partner or spouse and something is just not right any more? This story could be for you.

You’ll hear abou Diane, who has had a very successful coaching and consulting business for over 30 years. In short order, new clients dried up and her income took a big hit. She asked me what could have stopped the flow of clients and money? When I did a reading on her, the results very much surprised her.

Despite it being amicable, there were still relationship issues

She had an ex-husband that she is still friendly with. She felt everything was complete and that chapter was closed. The result that his old relationship energy blocked her success surprised her.  Diane felt that it couldn’t possibly be the cause and it must be something else.

Listen in to hear what happened: Did her ex-husband block the flow of money or something else?

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Listen to the show:

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