Everyone, including you, can heal with energy, from simple processes to the more complex.  In today’s broadcast, you’ll hear about people that never knew they could work with energy and how it has transformed their lives afterwards.  The word here is empowerment.  So many people feel stuck and helpless and left to the whims and moods of others.  And that is one of the clues that we have that you need to learn some of the real basics of energy medicine, to take care of yourself and claim back the power over your own life.

I’ve been asked many times, who can heal or work with energy, and my answer is as long as you have a living, breathing body, you can. 

Today in conversation again with me is my cohost Gwen Lepard.

Both Gwen and I fit into that category, not realizing that we are powerful healers until late in life.  Today, you are going to hear some stories of people using energy healing for the first time and their powerful results.  These are people you would have never guessed from their careers that they would take this in. 

Listen in as we reveal some of these stories and the simple processes they learned to create their own miracles.

Connect with me when you’re ready to create your own miracles at http://scientifichealer.com/appointment

To listen to the audio only, click below.

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