Today, you’ll hear about financial abuse that can happen in marriage and during a divorce. This involves theft of marital assets and then the very difficult and sometimes impossible recovery during the divorce. Some of you may be facing this very thing. Let me tell you about Carrie.

Carrie had properties and a reasonable amount of wealth after retirement from a government agency. She thought she had enough to go through life. She is a very beautiful woman and thought she had attracted the love of her life. He wooed and treated her like a queen.

She was only too happy to marry him and did not take the usual precautions of a prenuptial agreement because he carried on as if he had a lot of money as well. While he was dating her, he spent lavishly on her: gifts, trips, restaurants, you name it.

After they married, he started taking her assets one by one and one day, after he got a lot of them (we’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars in money, properties, fine things, etc.), he wanted a divorce.

This surprised her. But when she engaged a lawyer, she realized his whole plan all along was to take as much as he could of what she had.

At the time she first contacted me, Carrie’s divorce had already been in the courts for 8 years. She hadn’t seen a dime of her money. She had only spent on lawyers, discovery and so on to try and win some of her assets back.

Was it possible to win her assets back? What was in the way energetically? What is happening with Carrie now, three years later? Is she still stuck? Listen in to find out what resolved and where Carrie is now.

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