This show is a narrative about end of life decisions, such as end of life care, elder care, special needs of the elder, that you might have to make for your loved ones as they age. This is from the perspectives of two energy healers that have gone through this experience and still are.

You can’t treat them the same as when they were younger. Remember that they are still intelligent even if their memory isn’t intact.

Let Dr. Anastasia Chopelas with guest host Gwen Lepard guide you through such questions as: Should I preserve life at all costs? When do I hire a care giver? What happens when my parent or grandparent goes through dementia? When should I take over with power of attorney?

How do you deal with a difficult old person? It includes cautions about medications, nursing homes, and even hospice. Much can be learned from your elderly friend or relative. Let them teach you through this tender and delicate part of their lives, and yours.

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Listen to the show:

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