I’ve been connected with Dustin Mathews for more than 4 years. I’ve learned so much about marketing from him in programs and in masterminds. When it comes to helping people put together messaging and marketing that converts, one figure stands out in this information overloaded world: Mr. Dustin Mathews. The reason I am introducing you to someone that helps you be able to do great presentations is that in order to get your healing and enlightened message out there, speaking is the most powerful way to reach people.

Most healers or health professionals aren’t skilled at running a business or even attracting the right client. The average income of healers, chiropractors, massage therapists or even talk therapists isn’t high enough to sustain themselves comfortably. Your business needs healing as much as other people do.

Dustin Mathews has an impressive record in marketing. Right out of school, Dustin helped take a company from $1M to $14M and land at rank #35 on Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. He is THE mentor and coach to the worlds leading speakers, coaches, business owners and thought leaders.

You will certainly pick up very valuable tips on how to get your message heard, make an impact, and attract your ideal clients by listening in.

To contact Dustin to found out more, go to http://dustinmathews.com

To buy Dustin’s book, No B.S. Guide to Powerful Presentations, on Amazon, click the image .




For those of you ready to talk to me about bringing success into your life the easy way, go to http://scientifichealer.com/contact to send me a note or to http://scientifichealer.com/appointment when you’re ready to take action.

Listen to the radio program now:

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