In this cohosted show, you’ll hear about the typical results after your energy healing session. Scientific healing is about working on complex system of energy bodies that we all have. You hear about mind, body and spirit. In the mind, I would also count emotions since emotions have a huge influence on our present state of mind and health.

Are you healed instantly in one session?

Many people expect that after an energy healing session, you are miraculously healed as if I waved a magic wand. It can happen that way but the results are usually more complex than that.

Many people do not even recognize that the changes they see happening 1, 3 or 6 months down the road are a result of reprogramming the energy body. It can be to clear out old emotional or mental patterns, it can be clearing up old relationship baggage or a whole host of other energy processes.

Can anyone learn energy healing?

I would say that everyone should learn some aspect of energy healing, even if it is only to listen to a healing audio daily to do the energy hygiene on yourself. Anyone can do these processes, whether it is for yourself, your animals or others. Listen in to some typical results and how it can happen for you.

To discover whether you would be a fit to learn the processes in depth or would rather have the work done for you, contact me at or

Listen to the show:

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