Are you a high achiever on the outside but have feelings on the inside that aren’t congruent with that? Such as feeling lost, insecure or disconnected from yourself. Debbie Lichter was that too.

Since graduating Summa Cum Laude from UCLA, Debbie Lichter metamorphosed many times. She started out as a marketer for Cosmopolitan running big marketing campaigns for well known companies. She then morphed into a pilates instructor and later owned her own gym, helping people get comfortable in their bodies. Then morphed again, as she dug deeper into the reasons that she get out of shape in the first place, it has evolved her business significantly. She started helping people get free from their addictions and then from a higher perspective, get congruent with themselves.

The reason is one I’m familiar with, that is, as the things that got in my way, such as addictions, including food addictions, self sabotaging patterns, and obsessions dropped away from my world, then a new perspective opened up for me.

Discover how you can get congruent first by getting out of your own way.

You’ll hear some tips on releasing fears and anxiety. You’ll get a boatload of wisdom from this delightful interview with Deb Lichter.

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