In this broadcast, I show you how to cleanse your aura or energy field in under two minutes. Like physical hygiene, practicing energy hygiene every day helps keep you healthy, happy and clear headed.  I also explain some of the many ways you can pick up foreign energies that can really affect you and your mood.

Clearing your energy field or aura is the first step in preparing you for healing

In my healing practice, I start with removing foreign energies, straightening up your tangled energy field, and sealing it back up to protect you. Often when I do this, the client receiving this clearing will say they feel more awake or can see more clearly, like their eyes were sprayed with window cleaner!

If I don’t do this, it is often difficult to get an effective healing done on the person undergoing the healing. This gives you a good clue as to how important it is to do energy hygiene. I also give you a couple of tips to protect your energy field or aura when you go out amongst people, especially in big crowds.

The link mentioned in this video on the Scientific Healer’s Certification Program beginning next month:

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