Stress and overwhelm are the number one complaint amongst the successful and ambitious.

What is your success costing you? So many people are focussed on their achievement that they forget to consider themselves in the equation. Many healers, coaches, doctors and other practitioners are guilty of this, as well as myself.

Bruce Langford is a calming influence: he helps people regain their inner calm.

As way of history, Bruce became passionate about helping bullied children in 2003 when he saw first-hand the negative effects of bullying in the school where he taught. He left his teaching profession to become an entrepreneur and coach and has delivered anti-bullying and respect presentations nationally and internationally for over a decade.

Bruce now coaches those that are in stress and overwhelm with their lives to bring inner calm and peace using a practice called mindfulness, which is really sweeping the country because of the amazing positive results it has gotten. It’s now in programs in schools and several big companies like Google, Aetna, and General Mills have embraced mindfulness as it has changed the working environment, improving the health and well being of those that practice it as well as saving these companies millions of dollars a year in health care costs.

Bruce has learned from amazing, successful people who have mindfulness nailed. People like Pat Flynn, Jay Papasan and John Lee Dumas. He passes this wisdom onto his clients.

You can find Bruce on his website, To get his free gift to you, go to On this website, you’ll find he too has a radio show. You can listen more to his calming influence there.

For those of you ready to talk to me about bringing success into your life the easy way, go to to send me a note or to when you’re ready to take action.

Listen to my delightful and insightful conversation with Bruce now:


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