In this broadcast, you’ll hear how to center yourself and then stay centered using three easy steps. You’ll discover how centeredness shows up energetically and how that relates to your circumstances. The result is that your mind is calm and peaceful even if there is chaos all around you.

You can get to this calm place even if you are in the worst circumstances.

I know this because I’ve experienced it and watched many other people experience it. And by allowing yourself to experience that state, your body stays in a healing mode rather than in a stressed destructive mode. Your body experiences that off-center state by shooting out stress hormones like cortisol.
You can be in the same circumstances on two occasions and yet one time, you’re miserable and other, it hardly phases you.

In this episode you’ll hear a story that illustrates exactly that situation, being calm in one moment with chaos then the next in total emotional distress. I remember it as it if were yesterday, yet it happened over fifty years ago.

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Listen in to hear how to get centered in three steps that takes under two minutes.

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