In this broadcast, you’ll hear about the two biggest mistakes you could make while starting or building a healing/coaching practice. These issues can occur whether you are just starting out or even with a mature practice. And both issues will diminish your capacity to help people. You will take on fewer clients and take in less money, putting you in struggle and out of thriving.

The first mistake has to do with misguided efforts to help your clients by doing too much for them, taking their issues on for yourself, energetically or otherwise. The second has to with an equitable exchange of energy. If this doesn’t occur, change for your client can’t happen. The universe loves an equitable exchange of energy and stops the flow once exchange is stopped. You waste your time and your client’s time and money.

The bonus tip has to do with what happens when someone asks you for a single session.

Listen in to how to solve these mistakes and be able to help more people while improving your bottom line.

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Listen to the show:

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