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New Year, Look to Now, Not Back

One of the things that stops us from enjoying our lives is focusing away from the now.  At the end of each year, we are encouraged to look back to see where you were a year ago, mainly to bring to your conscious mind how far you’ve come.  What it does is bring you...

You ARE Exactly On Track

You may have said to yourself that you wished you had done things differently or known about something sooner.  Your choices would have been way different.  The thing is that the choices you made have brought you to this place of wisdom and there is a gift in...

Can Dementia Be Reversed?

I often wondered if it were possible to bring back someone's memory and brain functions after a significant decline.  I got a call from Bill who wasn't suffering from mental decline like his wife, Susan, was.  Susan had declined to a tired and forgetful woman of 73;...

Asperger’s Syndrome Revisited

After receiving a call for help for a 14-year old boy with Asperger's Syndrome, I met with him to discover he had many of the common symptoms.  He answered all my questions to him with one word answers, his face remained unemotional, his interests were limited.  For...


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