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Can Dementia Be Reversed?

I often wondered if it were possible to bring back someone's memory and brain functions after a significant decline.  I got a call from Bill who wasn't suffering from mental decline like his wife, Susan, was.  Susan had declined to a tired and forgetful woman of 73;...

Asperger’s Syndrome Revisited

After receiving a call for help for a 14-year old boy with Asperger's Syndrome, I met with him to discover he had many of the common symptoms.  He answered all my questions to him with one word answers, his face remained unemotional, his interests were limited.  For...

Pain-Free After Eleven Years of Fibromyalgia

My 26 year old son contracted fibromyalgia shortly after turning 14.  It took nearly six years to diagnose, which is about the average time to diagnosis.  He was in pain from head to toe and due to the depletion of brain neurotransmitters, which also contributed to...

Asperger’s Syndrome Relieved

New case study:  26 year old male not able to hold job down because of tendency to anger or angry words, lack of self control, and difficulty with  working with others.  When he would come towards people, they would scatter and not want to deal with him.  He would be...

Are Statins Really Good for Low-Risk Patients?

A recent study concluded that statins are good for low risk patients. This study (Univ. of Sydney) was actually an analysis of 27 different studies and the conclusion was that statins actually saved the lives of low risk patients, meaning those that have less than a...

Is HDL Cholesterol “GOOD” or NOT?

Just last week, in the Lancet, premier medical journal, an article came out causing a flurry of articles in newspapers asking "Is HDL cholesterol "good" or not?"  I found articles from the NY Times down to some smaller papers calling into question the role of HDL in...


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